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Eminem - Love The Way You Lie (ft. Rihanna)

[chorus - Rihanna]

just Gonna Stand There And Watch Me Burn

well That`s Alright Because I Like The Way It Hurts

just Gonna Stand There And Hear Me Cry

well That`s Alright Because I Love The Way You Lie

i Love The Way You Lie

[verse 1 - Eminem]

i Can`t Tell You What It Really Is

i Can Only Tell You What It Feels Like

and Right Now There`s A Steel Knife In My Windpipe

i Can`t Breathe But I Still Fight All I Can Fight

as Long As The Wrong Feels Right It`s Like I`m In Flight

high Off Of Love, Drunk From My Hate

it`s Like I`m Huffin` Paint And I Love Her

the More I Suffer, I Suffocate

right Before I`m About To Drown, She Resuscitates

me, She Fuckin` Hates Me And I Love It, Wait!

where You Going? I`m Leaving You.

no You Ain`t. Come Back. We`re Running Right Back

here We Go Again, It`s So Insane

`cause When It`s Going Good, It`s Going Great

i`m Superman With The Wind In His Back

she`s Lois Lane, But When It`s Bad, It`s Awful

i Feel So Ashamed, I Snapped, `who`s That Dude?`

i Don`t Even Know His Name

i Laid Hands On Her, I`ll Never Stoop So Low Again

i Guess I Don`t Know My Own Strength

[chorus - Rihanna]

just Gonna Stand There And Watch Me Burn

well That`s Alright Because I Like The Way It Hurts

just Gonna Stand There And Hear Me Cry

well That`s Alright Because I Love The Way You Lie

i Love The Way You Lie

i Love The Way You Lie

[verse 2 - Eminem]

you Ever Love Somebody So Much,

you Could Barely Breathe When You With `em?

you Meet, And Neither One Of You Even Know What Hit `em

got That Warm Fuzzy Feeling, Yeah, Them Chills, Used To Get `em

now You Gettin` Fuckin` Sick Of Lookin` At `em

you Swore You`d Never Hit `em, Never Do Nothing To Hurt `em

now You`re In Each Other`s Face Spewing Venom In Your Words When You Spit `em

you Push, Pull Each Other`s Hair, Scratch, Claw, Bit `em

throw `em Down, Pin `em, So Lost In The Moments When You`re With `em

it`s The Fate That Took Over, It Controls You Both

so They Say, You`re Best To Go Your Separate Ways

guess That They Don`t Know You `cause Today,

that Was Yesterday, Yesterday Is Over, It`s A Different Day

sound Like Broken Records Playing Over

but You Promised Her, Next Time You`d Show Restraint

you Don`t Get Another Chance

life Is No Nintendo Game, But You Lied Again

now You Get To Watch Her Leave Out The Window

guess That`s Why They Call It `window Pane`

[chorus - Rihanna]

just Gonna Stand There And Watch Me Burn

well That`s Alright Because I Like The Way It Hurts

just Gonna Stand There And Hear Me Cry

well That`s Alright Because I Love The Way You Lie

i Love The Way You Lie

i Love The Way You Lie

[verse 3 - Eminem]

now I Know We Said Things, Did Things That We Didn`t Mean

and We Fall Back Into The Same Patterns, Same Routine

but Your Temper`s Just As Bad As Mine Is

you`re The Same As Me

when It Comes To Love You`re Just As Blinded

baby, Please Come Back, It Wasn`t You, Baby, It Was Me.

maybe Our Relationship Isn`t As Crazy As It Seems

maybe That`s What Happens When A Tornado Meets A Volcano

all I Know Is I Love You Too Much To Walk Away Though

come Inside, Pick Up Your Bags Off The Sidewalk

don`t You Hear Sincerity In My Voice When I Talk?

told You This Is My Fault, Look Me In The Eyeball

next Time I`m Pissed, I`ll Aim My Fist At The Drywall

next Time? There Won`t Be No Next Time

i Apologize, Even Though I Know It`s Lies

i`m Tired Of The Games, I Just Want Her Back. I Know I`m A Liar

if She Ever Tries To Fuckin` Leave Again,

i`ma Tie Her To The Bed And Set This House On Fire

i`m Just Gonna

[chorus - Rihanna]

just Gonna Stand There And Watch Me Burn

well That`s Alright Because I Like The Way It Hurts

just Gonna Stand There And Hear Me Cry

well That`s Alright Because I Love The Way You Lie

i Love The Way You Lie

i Love The Way You Lie

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